23:30 CET
Radio Lavista "Mondo"
sounds from all around the world
We bring you a selection of sounds and moods from all over the world. Enjoy the sound of Indian tablas, as well as special Arabian, African, Asian and South American sounds. Our contribution to a global consciousness of peace
00:00 CET
Radio LaVista "Luna"
feel the spirit of the moon
Just got home and need to slow down? Or maybe you're busy even, but don't want no rush on things, then it's time to turn on, tune in and cop out to our chill out show
01:30 CET
Radio LaVista "Xtra"
flow into the realm of trance
Space out with the latest tracks and classics of Trance. It's a trip for your soul and mind, always uplifting. Your replenishing source of energy when you have to stay up late